It seems like VOXL 2 might be a better choice for your use case given the number of peripherals you are hoping to connect. All is possible, but Mini may be more work and less elegant. VOXL 2 and VOXL 2 Mini have the same chipset and SDK. VOXL 2 has much more I/O though and is designed for significant expansion. VOXL 2 Mini is more limited and intended for < 300g UAV

How is it possible to connect the LTE Module to the VOXL 2 Mini? The standard LTE module doestn have the same connectors.
When will Pwm support be ready? Should be at least 8 channels...

The VOXL 2 IO board will be upgraded in the next 2 months to support VOXL 2 Mini.

Have you tested the voxl 2 mini with the FLIR boson, or FLIR lapton. What would be the connection scheme?

Lepton can connect to J10, Boson can connect to J3

Most tasks including drone control seems to be running on the same chip. Does it need another chip to run the px4 firmware? Did you already have time for extensive testing?

PX4 can run on the sensors DSP on VOXL 2 Mini, as it does on VOXL 2 and the RB5 Flight. We have been shipping drones that use that scheme since August 2021

Can the TOF sensor be used for obstacle avoidance?


Can Tracking be used for precision landing?

Yes, see https://docs.modalai.com/voxl-vision-px4-apriltag-relocalization/

Does the voxl 2 mini support a second connection for backup compass and backup gps (UART / SPI)? The Main connection seems to be J19. Is this setup already tested?

We have not tested a secondary GPS and compass. A compass is i2c, which is multi-drop, and should be straightforward. A secondary GPS input would take some coding. You could use J10 for this if you haven't used it for Lepton