Hi @Olivier-GASTÉ It looks as though the instructions you are following are for the "v1" LTE modem while you are using a "v2" LTE modem. Just yesterday I updated our modem documentation. Here is the updated documentation for getting your modem going: https://docs.modalai.com/lte-v2-modem-manual/ These instructions require the newest version of voxl-modem which can be downloaded directly from http://voxl-packages.modalai.com/stable/voxl-modem_0.10.0.ipk In order to install this new ipk, you can use the following: # On host pc adb push voxl-modem_0.10.0.ipk /home/root/ipk/ adb shell # On VOXL opkg install /home/root/ipk/voxl-modem_0.10.0.ipk Once installed, you should be able to use the voxl-configure-modem script to get your modem up and running.