LTE not Registered

  • @tom thanks. I tried with the the Fi sim, exact same results. Same trouble shooting, same result. not registered. The verified apn is h2g2, I see all the cells and operators but yet, it just wont register.... maddening since it worked just last week.

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    @Chuck-Bokath That is very interesting. What are you using to connect to the network? The default voxl-modem service?

  • @tom Yes, nothing out of the ordinary. I am getting a data sim card tomorrow. I see that the Fi card I have - it was registered to my phone, so maybe that was the issue. I'll try with the data card and if not, Ill give google a call and see if they can offer any suggestions.

  • @tom Are you using the data only sim card? Do you remember how you provisioned the device? I am wondering if ATT is no longer supporting the sierra wireless modem i have, therefore rejecting it....?

  • @tom The FI data only sim works!

  • @Chuck-Bokath The sim card worked in the current county I am in, I took the drone and the sim card 2 hours away and it wouldnt connect. It saw all the networks, and tried to register but it wasnt allowed.... sigh.

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    @Chuck-Bokath Do you have any other hardware that you can test with? Another LTE modem? I don't believe there to be a hardware issue but it never hurts to try.

  • @tom I do have a EMEA board, though I am unsure of the band overlaps. I guess i need to work this out with the carriers (or not?) I brought the drone back home to work on it, and the ATT sim card connected no problem. I have rebooted several times, and all is good. I havent tried the FI card today, well.. because its working right now and I dont want to jinx anything... I am going to take it to the office and try it again there. I cant fathom the idea of different responses on different cell sites with the same carrier....that makes no sense whatsoever. I am going to try tomorrow, and if I cant connect another discussion with ATT will take place....

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    @Chuck-Bokath Apologies, I was wondering if you had another one of our LTE v2 add-on boards that you could test with. If it's working now I'm not sure I have any other suggestions. It's possible the other location you traveled to didn't have good coverage? (Google Fi uses the T-Mobile network)

  • @tom The crazy continues. The ATT sim card works at my home, though not in the office. I have an ATT phone, and it works at the office, though the data sim card does not. arrgh.

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