ArduPilot (I want to force the issue :) )

  • It turns out I have to use ArduPilot for my project. I'd like to put ArduPilot on my VOXLFlight because of the advantages of a single board flight controller and companion computer.

    Is it possible to put on ArduPilot (I know modalAI doesn't support it, but is it possible)? If so, does anyone have any guides? I've tried Mission Planner and QGC and obviously they don't work. I believe the bootloader needs to be modified. Not quite sure how to do this and would appreciate any help anyone can offer. I know I want to do something that is off target for most.

  • There is no reason an ArduPilot port wouldn't work on Flight Core.

    You can find the entire Flight Core board support package for PX4 here:

    I am not sure how similar that is to what ArduPilot needs, but conceptually it should be all that is needed for an ArduPilot port.

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