VOXL flight deck + toF Positioning

  • Hi,

    We are having a hard time positioning ToF into the flight deck in our final set-up. As of now, its on bench, but we want to attach it on flight deck and then on the drone. Could you please provide us with your suggestion, or send an image of your set-up, that you have used in your commercial video of the placement of ToF.
    Since this hardware is very delicate, we want to take all the precautionary measure possible.

    while we are at it, do you have a 3D enclosure for ToF that we can print and place the ToF so that we can attach it to the drone.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  • Dev Team

    We don't have a production mechanical solution yet for the TOF. We have used double sided sticky tape for prototypes, picture below. An extension cable, found here, might help make things easier.


  • Thank you so much for this. This was of great help @Chad-Sweet