Reading data from J13 - Expansion B2B connection on m500

  • Hi team,

    Since m500 has a J13 Expansion B2B connection, I am wondering if I could plug in a general type of sensor by using the J13 and reading data in VOXL?

    I understand it should be used for USB extension board or connecting LET, but I would think to use this connector for other sensors. The J13 looks like a general 60-pin HD connector, right? So, I am thinking if it could be compatible with a sensor that has a general 60-pin connector.

    If so, can you please advise how could I read data from J13 or will it be used just like a normal one (reading data from terminal)?

    Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 1.21.15 AM.png

  • Dev Team

    J13 is the connector we use for add-on boards. There are no 3rd party sensors that plug into that port. The debug board can be used with USB for general expansion

  • @Chad-Sweet Thanks, I see. I had the debug board, but it may not be able to work for special expansion. Anyways, I will think about that.

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