LTE concurrent with Microhard

  • Is it possible to use both the 4g lte module attached to voxl and the standalone microhard module with voxl flight at the same time?

    @tom do you have any thoughts if this is possible?

  • Dev Team

    It is possible to run concurrent LTE and Microhard connections on VOXL.

    This can be accomplished using a combination of the two modems, either with an add-on LTE modem and a standalone Microhard modem plugged in to the add-on or an add-on Microhard modem with a standalone LTE modem plugged in to the add-on.

    In order for both networks to start correctly, the LTE network will need to be brought up first, then the Microhard network. This can be set up easily by creating a custom startup service.

    The LTE network will use the wwan0 network interface while the Microhard network will use the eth0 network interface.

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