Getting voxl-streamer running

  • Hello, I'm working to get voxl-camera-server and voxl-streamer going to get the cameras oriented right-side up, and then view them on a host ground station laptop.

    I went and loaded the beta 3.1.0 image that was sent, that all went well. Then, using the emulator, build and loaded libmodal_json, voxl-camera-server, and voxl-streamer. I also went through the voxl-configure-cameras and voxl-configure-modem scripts for setup.

    See screenshots for camera-server and streamer, it looks like camera-server starts properly, however streamer throws an error message. Any ideas on what this could be? Thanks.


  • If you try to build from scratch on the master branch you will have a version skew and see these errors. You need to be using the dev branch if you are building from source. I would recommend, however, before doing that, to try using our prebuilt binaries from our package repo to make sure everything is working properly. First, reflash system image 3.1.0 on to the board. Then, on target, follow these steps:

    1. Setup Internet access (e.g. WiFi), then reboot
    2. Verify Internet connectivity
    3. Edit /etc/opkg/opkg.conf to uncomment the last line. This will give you access to our dev package repo at
    4. opkg update
    5. opkg install voxl-camera-server
    6. opkg install voxl-streamer

  • @Eric-Katzfey, thanks. I followed the steps, and voxl-camera-server won't run now. See attached image. When I loaded 3.1.0, I chose to wipe the /data/ partition. When finished loading, I allowed it to do the auto download and install of packages. Then, I did voxl-configure-cameras, voxl-configure-modem, and voxl-configure-docker-support. Not sure if there is anything else needed.


  • Okay, so don't do the auto download and install of packages after flashing system image 3.1.0. And don't run any of the voxl-configure-* scripts. See if you can just flash system image 3.1.0 without any other packages and then run the steps.

  • @Eric-Katzfey Ok, that worked. Fresh image with just camera server and streamer. Was able to stream hi res over voxl wifi connection to VLC on a laptop. I'm going to try enabling things one step at a time and see how far I get.

  • Thanks for the help Eric. Currently I have pretty much the bare bones stuff installed, see screenshot below. camera-server and streamer up and running, and getting video on a host computer via VLC or QGC. I think we can consider this one solved!

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