Failed to start Stereo Camera Nodelet

  • I get this error every other time. for the first launch it executed perfectly but subsequent lanches throw error. Basically if it run perfectly and if i interrupt it by pressing ctrl + c and than run again it starts saying could not load nodelet. And many a time it says could not open camera ID = 2. Unable to open camera.

    yocto:/# roslaunch voxl_cam_ros stereo.launch 
    ... logging to /home/root/.ros/log/a0237ab4-4d5a-11eb-9155-ec5c68cd1745/roslaunch-apq8096-4987.log
    Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile.
    Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
    Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.
    started roslaunch server
     * /rosdistro: indigo
     * /rosversion: 1.11.21
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/cam_id: 2
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/cam_name: stereo
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/format: 1
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/frame_id: left_stereo
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/frame_id_right: right_stereo
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/frame_rate: 15
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/height: 480
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/is_cam_master: True
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/is_stereo: True
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/skip_n_frames: 0
     * /stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet/width: 640
        stereo_cam_nodelet (nodelet/nodelet)
        stereo_nodelet_manager (nodelet/nodelet)
    auto-starting new master
    process[master]: started with pid [5006]
    setting /run_id to a0237ab4-4d5a-11eb-9155-ec5c68cd1745
    process[rosout-1]: started with pid [5020]
    started core service [/rosout]
    process[stereo/stereo_nodelet_manager-2]: started with pid [5036]
    process[stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet-3]: started with pid [5038]
    [ INFO] [1609633720.545179265]: Initializing nodelet with 4 worker threads.
    [ INFO] [1609633720.762515687]: SnapCamDriver Starting
    [ INFO] [1609633720.762910065]: Monotonic offset: 1609633473.790296944
    [FATAL] [1609633726.430193936]: Failed to load nodelet '/stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet` of type `voxl_cam_ros/stereo_driver` to manager `stereo_nodelet_manager'
    [stereo/stereo_nodelet_manager-2] process has died [pid 5036, exit code -11, cmd /opt/ros/indigo/lib/nodelet/nodelet manager __name:=stereo_nodelet_manager __log:=/home/root/.ros/log/a0237ab4-4d5a-11eb-9155-ec5c68cd1745/stereo-stereo_nodelet_manager-2.log].
    log file: /home/root/.ros/log/a0237ab4-4d5a-11eb-9155-ec5c68cd1745/stereo-stereo_nodelet_manager-2*.log
    [stereo/stereo_cam_nodelet-3] process has died [pid 5038, exit code 255, cmd /opt/ros/indigo/lib/nodelet/nodelet load voxl_cam_ros/stereo_driver stereo_nodelet_manager __name:=stereo_cam_nodelet __log:=/home/root/.ros/log/a0237ab4-4d5a-11eb-9155-ec5c68cd1745/stereo-stereo_cam_nodelet-3.log].
    log file: /home/root/.ros/log/a0237ab4-4d5a-11eb-9155-ec5c68cd1745/stereo-stereo_cam_nodelet-3*.log
    ^C[rosout-1] killing on exit
    [master] killing on exit
    shutting down processing monitor...
    ... shutting down processing monitor complete

    I even tried setting it as slave and not master as recommended over here [](link url)

    but after showing Monotonic offset it throws error

  • Dev Team

    Hi @abdullah-sorathi,

    Can you please provide us with your hardware setup? What camera(s) do you have connected?

    Can you also run voxl-version and provide us with the output?


  • Also, only one camera can be master in the libcamera architecture. If voxl-vision-px4 has VOA enabled, and is using the stereo cameras, is_cam_master needs to be set to false. In the log above is_cam_master is set to true

  • @modaltb
    I am using voxl-flight deck
    cameras are same that comes with flight deck-> stereo camera, hires and optical flow camera

    This is the voxl version currently in use in my setup

    yocto:/# voxl-version
    system-image:    ModalAI 2.5.2 BUILDER: ekatzfey BUILD_TIME: 2020-08-24_00:08
    kernel:          #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Sep 9 22:28:09 UTC 2020 3.18.71-perf
    factory-bundle:  1.0.1
    architecture:    aarch64
    processor:       apq8096
    os:              GNU/Linux
    Package: voxl-suite
    Version: 0.2.0
    Depends: docker, imu_app (= 0.0.6), libvoxl_io (= 0.5.2), voxl-cam-manager (= 0.2.2), voxl-docker-support (= 1.1.1), voxl-hal3-tof-cam-ros (= 0.0.2), voxl-modem (= 0.10.0), voxl-nodes (= 0.0.8), voxl-rtsp (= 1.0.2), voxl-utils (= 0.5.2), voxl-vision-px4 (= 0.6.8), voxl_imu (= 0.0.4), voxl-time-sync (= 0.0.1), voxl-vpn (= 0.0.2), librc_math (= 1.1.2), libmodal_pipe (= 1.2.2), modalai-vl (= 0.1.3)
    Status: install user installed
    Section: base
    Architecture: armv7a
    MD5Sum: af706cd3c1ea59f274f2ed9b93141f1d
    Size: 870
    Filename: voxl-suite_0.2.0.ipk
    Description: meta-package to install all of the voxl-suite
    Installed-Time: 4024

    I am currently working with SNAV and followed this []

  • @Chad-Sweet
    Yes I tried both setting it to true and false. But once you start launch camera and the terminated and try to launch again it does not launch.

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