VOXL not booting and fan full speed

  • Hello!

    I was using the Flight Deck without issue for about a day then randomly the unit would disconnect from wifi and now it's not booting while the fan is full speed. I am using the provided power module and 4s LiPo battery to power the VOXL Flight, nothing else. When I initially plug in the battery there is a quick green LED flash but the fan never calms down and ADB does not work. When I checked the voxl-version when it was working I remember it being 3.3.0 but I can't check right now.

    I changed the voxl-vision-config file to stream vio to the gcs and changed the IP of the gcs. No other changes since I received the unit.

    I don't have the device to unbrick the unit so I haven't tried that. Is there something I can do to figure out what happened. It's mounted on standoffs so I don't think ESD is an issue.

    Please let me know what I can do to debug it.


  • Please see post here

  • Hi @Chad-Sweet,

    I got the USB and Debug Add-On board and followed the "unbricking" procedure but I am not able to get a device to show up when running "sudo fastboot devices". The fan stays at full power the entire time and I am not able to communicate using adb or fastboot.

    Additionally, no lights are coming up on the add-on board. Do you have any further suggestions? This unit did work when I first received it. The procedure in the link does work on a new voxl flight so I am sure the expansion board is working.


  • Dev Team

    Hello @evigdorchik,

    Could you try a different usb. We have seen that by changing the usb sometimes that works. If that doesn't work, try another computer. There have been a few instances where changing workstations fixes the issue.
    LMK how those go

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