VOXL not booting and fan full speed

  • Hello!

    I was using the Flight Deck without issue for about a day then randomly the unit would disconnect from wifi and now it's not booting while the fan is full speed. I am using the provided power module and 4s LiPo battery to power the VOXL Flight, nothing else. When I initially plug in the battery there is a quick green LED flash but the fan never calms down and ADB does not work. When I checked the voxl-version when it was working I remember it being 3.3.0 but I can't check right now.

    I changed the voxl-vision-config file to stream vio to the gcs and changed the IP of the gcs. No other changes since I received the unit.

    I don't have the device to unbrick the unit so I haven't tried that. Is there something I can do to figure out what happened. It's mounted on standoffs so I don't think ESD is an issue.

    Please let me know what I can do to debug it.


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    Please see post here

  • Hi @Chad-Sweet,

    I got the USB and Debug Add-On board and followed the "unbricking" procedure but I am not able to get a device to show up when running "sudo fastboot devices". The fan stays at full power the entire time and I am not able to communicate using adb or fastboot.

    Additionally, no lights are coming up on the add-on board. Do you have any further suggestions? This unit did work when I first received it. The procedure in the link does work on a new voxl flight so I am sure the expansion board is working.


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    Hello @evigdorchik,

    Could you try a different usb. We have seen that by changing the usb sometimes that works. If that doesn't work, try another computer. There have been a few instances where changing workstations fixes the issue.
    LMK how those go

  • @Adrian-Hidalgo I have tried various cables and computers without any luck. I ended up replacing the voxl flight in the flight deck and the new one seems to be functioning correctly (cameras work and vio is delivering a solution). Now with the old voxl flight on the bench I am still unable to get it to fastboot or connect to it over adb. There is nothing connected to it besides power, USB to computer, and the USB expansion board.

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    @evigdorchik, that's interesting. Do you mind posting pictures, both sides, of the board that's not functioning?
    It sounds like it somehow shorted, especially if the leds at the back go out, the fan only spins at one speed, and adb goes out.
    Was the device continually disconnecting from wifi and then booting or both went out at the same time?

  • I experienced everything stopping to work at the same time. I was not able to connect over ADB after wifi connection went out.
    Do you have a specific section of the board you would like me to take a picture of?

    IMG_20211025_170447273.jpg IMG_20211025_170435964.jpg

  • Dev Team

    You did an excellent job removing the wifi.
    There are a few places that I've seen some shorts form. One was caused by the wifi insulation chafed by the usb connection. May want to see if there is damage there. Another case has been an actual spark arcing from usb and plug.
    A known short is caused if a jst connector is plugged into J1004(yellow connector) using the usb adapter to connect to QgroundControl

    By any chance did you feel any significant heat being produced before the board went out?

  • Sorry I cannot recall if there was significant heat coming from it before it went out.
    I never plugged a USB cable into the flight core side. I only communicated through voxl-vision-px4.
    I don't see any chaffing on the wifi antenna shielding either. I did plug a usb cable into the voxl side for adb communication several times and cannot recall if there was a spark but honestly I was not looking for it.

    If a short formed somehow is this board dead? My main concern is making sure I don't kill the new board I am working with in the same way.

  • Dev Team

    Usually the fan is more than enough to cool the board, however, during testing here at the shop, we typically have an external fan running on it since the board is plugged in for an extensive amount of time.

    As far as the usb, there shouldn't be any issues with plugging in multiple times. Saw the arc happen only once, so wanted to get that out of the way as a potential factor.

    To be honest, I don't know if the board is completely dead. The fact that the fan is still spinning and that the green led light's up for a second seems to me that it isn't completely dead. I'd need to run some tests on it to be sure. I'd love to debug it further if you'd like to send it back to us. I want to know why this issue happened to prevent it from happening again and of course avoid headaches and time delay on your part.

  • Okay, I will send it your way and put your name on it. What is the address I should send it to?

  • Dev Team

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