Pi or Jetson companion computer installation and interfacing step-by-step

    1. How do I connect a companion computer to a VOXL 2 dev drone? Do you have any step-by-step instructions with pictures? The companion computers I want to connect will most likely be running Ubuntu or Raspbian on any version of Pi or Jetson.

    2. Where can I find example code (python or otherwise) that will allow me to run code on a companion computer and control or interface with the VOXL 2 features? I also want to get the camera feeds and process them on the companion computer.

  • Dev Team

    VOXL 2 has a lot more computing power than both of those and runs Linux. Can you just run your software on VOXL 2?

  • I have a CUDA dependency, and the jetson orin has 40 to 275 tops depending on which one I want to use. The raspberry pi was there as an example.

  • Dev Team

    OK. We don't have a documented way, but VOXL 2 is a Linux computer. So you could use some form of networking: ROS or other. There are also UARTs, etc

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