Query regarding connecting bigger ESCs

  • Hello team,

    • While going through the guide, I read that currently voxl2 supports only Voxl UART ESC, but what if I already have my ESCs connected and don't want to replace them. Is there any way by which I can connect other bigger ESCs instead of Voxl ESC to Voxl2 ?

    • also ,what motors can be used with the voxl ESC?

    • Currently , 4 motors can be connected with voxl ESC , are you planning to release any product in the future that supports 8?

    Thank you.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Swaroop-B-Deshpande ,

    #1: we are planning on offering a PX4IO like board called VOXL2 IO --> https://docs.modalai.com/voxl2-io/

    This is roughly a month away from beta likely, but would provide the ability to drive PWM based ESCs.

    You could use a USB to CAN converter and driver CAN based ESCs perhaps, although I don't have recommendations yet.

    #2: info here https://docs.modalai.com/modal-esc-datasheet/

    #3: VOXL2IO board supports 8CH

  • Dev Team

    Hello Swaroop,

    The ModalAi ESC can support most common motors. The ESC is rated for 2-4S battery voltage. The current rating is 15-20A continuous (per motor), depending on air cooling. What motors / propellers are you considering using with ModalAi ESC? We have some tools and calibration procedure for adjusting ESC parameters for new motors : https://gitlab.com/voxl-public/flight-core-px4/voxl-esc/-/blob/master/tools/calibration.md

    Regarding support of 8 motors, the ModailAi ESC has hardware support for using two 4-in-1 ESCs on a single UART connection (8 ESC channels with IDs 0-7). However, our PX4 ESC driver does not currently support more than 4 motors.


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