VOXL streaming has at least 2-3s delay for default 640x480 using hires

  • Hi team,
    The voxl-streaming via wifi connection has a noticeable video delay (2-3s), and I am using the default hires setup with just 640x480.

    I am wondering how to speed up the voxl-streaming for a real-time video transmission like an FPV mode?

    Is it due to a wifi connection? Or if changing to an LTE connection, voxl-streaming could easily speed up to achieve a real-time performance?

  • What are you using to view the stream? We generally find that if you're streaming via voxl-portal or ros the stream will be almost real-time, but if you're using vlc there will be a significant delay

  • Hi @Alex-Gardner Yes, I am using vlc and the delay is quite strong.

    voxl-portal is a good option and I will have a look at it.

    I am also wondering how to use ros to view the stream? Can you please introduce a bit about it? Thanks.

  • Hi @yu-zhang i might have the answer about use ros to view stream here.
    On voxl

    yocto:~$ roslaunch voxl_mpa_to_ros voxl_mpa_to_ros.launch

    On pc


    Then select the img topic you interested.
    And remember to make sure that the ip config on both side is correct.voxl's ros ip is in my_ros_env.sh and for pc edit in .bashrc.
    detail in https://docs.modalai.com/setup-ros-on-voxl/
    Hope that will help you 🙂

  • Hi @張為超 All right, thanks so much for that, and I will then have a look at it 😉

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