Unable to calibrate compass on VOXL CAM w/ Flight Controller

  • Hi, I"m just finished to mount the voxl cam w/ fligth controller on my frame and did all the connections.

    It ask me to setup the frame which is a generic X, and ask now to calibrate the sensors. All is fine for the Gyro and accelerometer, but I tried several times to calibrate the compass and didn't work. I let the rotation angle to NONE.

    Do I should setup a Rotation angle before to calibrate the compass?

    Thanks for your answer!

  • Dev Team

    There is no built-in magnetometer. Have you connected a supported GPS/Mag unit to J10? See details here: https://docs.modalai.com/flight-core-datasheets-connectors/#j10---external-gps--magnetometer-connector

  • Thanks for your answer. That's normal then, because I didn't attach a gps to the board. My intention is to use it on indoor.

  • @Chad-Sweet Hi Chad, I go further and for the accelerometer calibration I have another issue.

    1. With Rotation None, the QGC see my aircraft on left side instead of level position, and so on.
      When I test to arm and take off, it see the vehicle as turn on right side and have failsafe issue.

    2. If I put Rotation = Roll 270 is much better, and I can arm and takeoff (just simulate for now).
      Still, I have two positions that are not right, aka it show the vehicle on:

    • left side instead of noise up
    • right side instead of noise down

    I would really appreciate your help to indicate me the right value for the Rotation to well calibrate this sensor.

    Thank you!

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