m500 outside flying crashed

  • Hi team,
    I fully tested the drone outside today. Unfortunately, I got a crash and 2 of the landing gears were broken, 1 of the propellers was flying off away. Luckily, the main body was good.

    I could get replacements from the website, but due to the international shipping, it could quite slow down and the shipping fee is cost (e.g., 77USD shipping to Australia). I am wondering if I could find other replacements for the landing gears and propellers in a local supplier for fast/cheap? Or I may have to pick the original accessories? By the way, do you have a cheaper shipping option for small parts?

    Also, I am wondering how about the m500 wind resistance? I was in the position mode flying at about 15 m+ high above grass (mainly using VIO for position flight), and I tested at a higher speed like 3-5 m/s for forward and backward moves. I think the crash may be due to the wind impact, and the drone lost control, but the wind was not that crazy strong.

  • I am also wondering if this kind of landing gear (a hook-like shape) is still selling on the website or other marketplace?

    Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 10.00.38 PM.png

  • I am also wondering should I have to change the parameters to GPS-based flight mode (disable VIO flight mode) for safer outside flying?

  • Dev Team

    @yu-zhang If you are worried that there may be hardware issue with the drone and you want to do a safe test flight I would recommend starting with a GPS flight. It would be a good first testing before jumping back in to VIO mode.

  • @tom Thanks, and I would have a try with GPS flight mode after replacing the landing gear and props.

    So, roughly, what level of wind resistance m500 is? Or m500 hasn't got a wind resistance test yet?

    Also, any ideas about replacing the accessories from other marketplaces, e.g., landing gear and props? Do we have specs about the screw diameter of landing gears and props so that I would find replacements to match m500?

  • Dev Team

    @yu-zhang That is beyond my knowledge, I will let others chime in.

  • Dev Team

    Hey @yu-zhang,

    Wow, sorry you had a crash. Flying drones takes a bit of skill and experience. Be careful and learn as much as you can close to the ground first.


    For our flight testing, we generally follow a checklist and note conservatively that m500s can handle continuous winds up to 15 mph and wind gusts up to 5 mph to keep things safe. m500s will likely sustain continuous winds at ~25 mph and wind gusts at ~10 mph, but flight performance is undetermined in these conditions.

  • Hi @RichieRich ,

    It's good to know that information, and I will try to close to the ground next time 😉

    So, do we have the specs about the screw diameter of landing gears and props? I would try to find replacements from local marketplaces. Or I may have to buy from your website but it would be a bit costly for accessories only.

  • Hi @yu-zhang,
    Its unfortunate to hear about your drone crash!
    Maybe you can provide your Ulog files so it can be used to determine better what went wrong.

    Mohammed Naveed

  • Hi @mohammednaveed ,
    It seems I couldn't access the log of the crash anymore, because I didn't put sdcard to save the log. I also updated the firmware after the crash, so the previous logs were wiped out. Anyways, I will share the log next time if I get crash again. Thanks.

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