IMX412 and OV9782 not detected by VOXL2

  • Hello, I am trying to connect an IMX412 and an OV9782 (M0113) to the VOXL2, but they are not detected by the camera server (i.e. voxl-camera-server -l and voxl-camera-server -s do not detect it).

    I am connecting the cameras one at a time, using an M0076 interposer. I have tried all three camera groups (J6, J7 and J8) and the results are the same across all three.

    I know the interposer works, as I can use it to successfully connect an OV7251 (M0014). The OV7251 works fine in any camera group.

    I am connecting the IMX412 via an M0036 cable, and the OV9782 via an M0008 cable.

    I am using system image 1.5.2-M0054-14.1a-perf-nightly-20230125, and kernel #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 26 05:17:43 UTC 2023 4.19.125

    My voxl-suite version is 0.9.4, from voxl2_platform_nightly_20230123
    The version of voxl-camera-server is 1.3.7

    I have also tried using voxl-configure-cameras 8 for the IMX412, and voxl-configure-cameras 12 for the OV9782, without any success.

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can get these cameras working?

  • Dev Team

    @nicksmir I'll shoot you an email to the address on file with the forum.

  • @tom I am facing similar issue. Please provide solution to this. I want to connect Hires camera with interposer over J6/J7 for VOXL2.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Aks , please refer to other thread where I have some info, thanks!

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