VOXL2 cannot connect to internet in station mode

  • Firmware: voxl2_platform_0.9

    I currently have an issue where if I have a microhard attached to the voxl2, and a wifi dongle attached through the microhard board, I cannot connect to the internet in station mode.

    In the past when I've had this problem, I could disable the interfering network interfaces with "ifconfig eth0 down" or "ifconfig usb0 down." However, if I run "ifconfig eth0 down" on the current voxl2, the internet connection only lasts a few seconds before being interfered again by eth0. While I haven't tested this thoroughly on other voxl2 firmware versions, I currently have only run into this bug on voxl2_platform_0.9, which as of now is the latest firmware version.
    This problem has been observed on one voxl2 development kit, and on one Sentinel drone

    Screenshot from 2022-12-21 15-18-44.png Screenshot from 2022-12-21 15-18-42.png

    ^the jst cable connected to the microhard is the wifi dongle. The problem has been observed in both ports on the microhard add-on board

  • Dev Team

    Do you have the voxl-modem service running?

    systemctl status voxl-modem

  • @tom I do not. If I do run voxl-configure-modem and reboot, I still have the same issue with eth0

    Screenshot from 2022-12-21 15-34-31.png Screenshot from 2022-12-21 15-34-17.png

  • An additional note I forgot to mention: I also need to run "ifconfig usb0 down" but I only need to do that once, whereas I need to run "ifconfig eth0 down" every 5-10 seconds to regain internet connection over station mode

  • @tom Any follow-up things I can try to troubleshoot this?

  • Dev Team

    this is a standard linux networking system. Have you googled how to manage the network interfaces?

    Maybe make sure your routing tables are properly configured for what you are trying to do? https://opensource.com/business/16/8/introduction-linux-network-routing

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