Minimum bending radius for plain cables

  • Dear everyone,
    Which is the minimum bending radius aloud to "twist" the cable sensors around?
    Is there any warranty settlements about that?

    Once plugged, both pair of stereo sensors looks "up" and we need one to look "down".
    But as we don't have much space, a small radius is needed, we will 3D print a "router" for the cable so it doesn't bend over this min radius.


  • Dev Team

    Hi @Eloi , all of our image sensor flex cables have a 5mm bend radius (the rule is 20x the thickness for our FPC stackup).
    If during an RMA, we see any forms of creasing or cracking, then we know the bend radius was exceeded, but our flex cables are cost-optimized fairly well to just order more for your use without worry if you think you exceeded the bend radius and cracked any of the internal copper routes.
    Let us know if that helps!

  • Thanks!
    Much appreciated answer!
    As we are based in the EU, the company have some "bureaucratic" difficulties to buy outside EU... If we don't break, way better XD
    By the way, I would love to find some 90 degree angles cables/adaptors! so the cameras can be just on the side of the board and make everything much smaller! (I'll post the same sentence to the "Feature Requests")
    Thanks again!

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