Wifi unstable with latest VOXL 1 Platform image 0.9

  • Hi.
    Ever since we upgraded to platform image 0.9 (4.0 ?) we are experiencing unstable Wifi on the VOXL. It worked fine with system image 3.6 on the same device.

    The Wifi is now unstable in both AP and Station modes. We especially experience problems when trying to SCP a ~300Mb file from the VOXL to a PC, on the same Wifi Network (or AP mode).
    It starts downloading but then we loose the Wifi signal from the VOXL. It simply drops. Sometimes a reboot of the VOXL is required to regain connectivity.
    This has been tested various times, using different PCs too.

    Any ideas?
    Seems like a bug in the new image (which we need due to some other improvements).

  • Dev Team

    There should not be any difference in wifi performance between the two images. We only have the wifi driver as binary and do not have access to the source code.

    WiFi issues are almost always interference related. Maybe the channel changed? Can you look at a wifi analyzer app using your smartphone to see that it's on an open channel?

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