volx-mavlink-server PX4 Disconnected From UART

  • When I try to run voxl-mavlink-server I consistently get PX4 disconnect from UART.
    voxl-vision-px4 does not actually send mavlink message to QGC, except for the visual odometry message. That does go through.

    My PX4 parameters for proper serial all seem to be correct:

    When I run the nuttx shell, the shell starts but I get no responses:

    Flight Core PX4 version: 1.13.1
    Voxl image version: 3.8.0

    My goal is to connect via a microhard setup. I have the microhard setup complete properly. I can ping the vehicles computer. I can see the visual odometry messages from vision-px4. I can SSH into the vehicle over microhard. I just can't start mavlink-server to get those sweet sweet mavlink messages flowing through the air. Any help would be appreciated, even if it's "your flight deck is bad, send it back and get a new one."

  • As an update, I downgraded the voxl image to 3.6.0 to see if there was some sort of incompatibility issue. It seems like on 3.8.0 voxl-vision-px4 does not do serve MAVLINK messages (that's why I must start mavlink-server.) On 3.6.0, voxl-vision-px4 attempts to serve MAVLINK but still returns the PX4 DISCONNECTED FROM UART error. So, still stumped, any insight would be helpful.