14S Power Module

  • Hello, The ModalAI Power Module V3 supports input voltage from 2s-6s. I was trying to find a Power Module unit that supported 14s and I2C. Then I noticed this is the documentation:

    Contact ModalAI for alternate voltage outputs, custom DC voltage outputs may impact LIPO input operational range

    Is it possible to order a custom Power Module? Just looking for a way to get this to work with 14S battery.

    Thank you

  • Dev Team

    Hi Wilkinsaf,
    Unfortunately, we do not support higher than 6S as an input to our power module.
    The comments about various voltages are in regards to the 5V output setting. For example, 12V, 6V, etc... within the drop-out allowed by your 2S-6S VLIPO input. We have already configured and tested 12V versions of our power module as an FYI.
    Sorry this does not solve your problem.


  • No problem Vinny,

    Thank you for letting me know!

  • I realize I made a mistake and meant 12S, but same problem

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