How to unplug the MCBL-00007?

  • As shown in the following figure, what is the name of the J1 connector? what's the right way to unplug it? I tried to unplug it and it seems very hard to unplug it, so I didn't continue to do that since I don't want to break it.
    MCBL-00007 VOXL to Flight Core/VOXL ESC Serial Cable

  • Dev Team

    Hi @DarkKnightCH ,

    They're hard to unplug on purpose, but agreed for development use case, it's pretty tricky....

    What I do is file off the little nubs on those "hirose" connectors if I'm using it on my bench top to prevent the force needed to unplug them.

    Warning, for real flight use case, I would NOT recommend doing this!

  • Dev Team

    @DarkKnightCH Use a flat tipped screwdriver or similar device to slowly pry it out. Take your time working both sides of the the Hirose connector. Take care as the pins can get bent if too much force is applied

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