m500 Motor Hot and Vibration

  • Hi team,

    After a crash, 3 wings were broken, but all the other parts were luckily good. I managed to repair using the spare parts of the s500.

    However, I found that 2 of the motors on the repaired wings sounded quite noisy after repair. Testing for a while, the motors also became quite hot, leading to a slight vibration on the drone. Please double-check the below video:

    Actually, 4 motors still work as usual after the crash (no noisy sound). But, after the wing repair, 2 of them (CW pair with no silver dots) sound noisy.

    I am not sure if this issue is caused by the wing replacement or the motor itself.

    I may try the ESC calibration later https://docs.modalai.com/fc-configure-misc/#10-esc-calibration. But, I have no idea why it happened. Can you please advise about it? Many thanks.

  • Dev Team

    There is not a good way for us to help you. It seems your issues are fundamental to your repair. You can follow our RMA process if you would like us to diagnose and repair: https://modalai.com/rma

  • Hey @Chad-Sweet, it's good to know the RMA process, but it may take a quite long time to complete because I am not in US.

    I am trying to use the ESC calibration, but it seems I couldn't use QGC to do it. So, I will try the px4-esc-cal-tool in the link https://docs.modalai.com/flight-core-pwm-esc-calibration/ later.

    Alternatively, it seems the VOXL flight dock has the ESCs support DShot, right? I checked the DSHOT_CONFIG is DShot600. Does it mean it will automatically run the ESC calibration after powering the drone?

    Since I didn't touch the ESC wiring and only did screw stuff for the replacement, do you think incorrect screwing would lead to the issue? Or the CW pair motors might be damaged in the crash?

    Actually, I did the same process for one of the CCW pairs, and it works.

  • Dev Team

    @yu-zhang I would recommend cleaning the motors. A quick method would be to spray some compressed air in them to loosen any debris that may have potentially gotten inside. Otherwise, you may have to take the motor apart. Take the bell housing off and do a through cleaning. There should be YouTube tutorials on how to do this

    If you spin the motor by hand do you feel any resistance/binding?

    It is possible you may just need new motors.

    Could you clarify what you screwed on?
    Does wing = propeller or does wing = arm that holds the motor?

    If you could supply us a photo of the drone that would help out, the video you provided was listed as private.

  • Hey @Adrian-Hidalgo, Thanks for the information.

    I reopen the video and please feel free to double-check it.

    Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 2.23.20 AM.png

    I just did the arm that holds the motor (the 4 screws showing in the photo).

    I tested to spin the motor by hand, but it seems there is no major resistance feeling or sounds.

    I repaired 3 of motors, and both CW with black hats were not good (the video shows one of CWs), but one of CCWs was good as normal. Please any advice would be much appreciated.

    I will try to detach one of CCWs, and attach to CW port to see if the CW motors break or the ESC connection gets issue.

  • Dev Team

    @yu-zhang I would suggest that you replace all the motors. From what you've described and viewing the video, replacing the motors would be the first step.
    Then go down the line if that doesn't work, then replace the esc's

  • @Adrian-Hidalgo All right, thanks. I will check them step by step, and hope it will be solved soon 😉

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