Two USB cameras

  • I made a pull request earlier on what I THOUGHT was support for two usb (uvc) cameras using two instances of voxl-uvc-server to communicate to the two cameras.

    However, it did not work. In accordance with what @Eric-Katzfey said in the pull request: "I don't think libuvc allows it" Which from my testing, proves him right.

    My question is: If we wanted two fold:

    1. Is there a way to stream two usb cameras? I was looking at this post and it seems like most of the solutions are a bit hacked together (lowering video bandwidth, etc...)
    2. We were thinking of taking of the the usb cameras, converting it to a MIPI, and incorporating a Dual Camera Adapter . However, it appears this specific camera adapter only works for RB5 platform. Is there another way we could possibly make this work?

    Thank you

  • Dev Team

    What if you used 2 processes? Would libuvc work with two separate voxl-uvc-server instances?

    never mind, i see that's what you tried

  • Dev Team

    Probably a rabbit hole, but you could try to figure out where libuvc fails? Doesn't seem like there is a technical reason it wouldn't work

  • @Chad-Sweet

    That is what I was thinking. I'll check in with the boss and see what he wants to do. Thanks!

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