ADB Device Not Attached/Offline

  • Hi, First off I apologize for yet, again a question on the ADB connection issue. I have read through the various posts referencing the ADB offline issue. I see that the issue could be because of power supply, or corruption of the system. I am a relative noob to VOXL and docker. I generally work on systems that are closer to the silicon. I have successfully added openvpn to connect to GC via LTE; and I modified voxl-vision-px4 configuration parm qgc_ip to null, allowing the aircraft to connect to any QGC in my vpn. After I made that change I lost the connection over ADB and have never got it back. It looks like nothing is "booting". Its just stuck. I was using windows. I am more proficient in linux. Though, my noob"ness" makes me a bit nervous reflashing the system in windows. Is there a step by step process for windows? Or will I have to set it up in a linux (pi-ubuntu 20) environment?

    Any advice,help is greatly appreciated! Thank You in advance!

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    Please see this document here

  • @Chad-Sweet Thanks. It looks like I need a usb and serial dev board to complete this process? It looks from the video, they connect to a linux box, and operate from the linux command line w/o docker?

  • Hi, I received the debug board today, I removed the LTE board and added the debug board on per the video. I am reading the Flash system Image document, It seems like I need to perform this flash off a linux box. The Flash ssystem doc says to download the latest image from the asset directory. I am in the asset directory; though I am unclear as to which image to download. The directions say to run voxl-version to find my version, though unfortunately my system is bricked; and I dont know which version I have. Note: I purchased this drone from a vendor who built the software, and the drone as a turn key system. Is there a way I can determine this by looking at the board?

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    @Chuck-Bokath Here is the latest VOXL platform release:

    VOXL Platform Release 3-6-0-0.5.0-a

  • Thanks. I have setup a pi, installed all the android-* packages, and have successfully got the system to the point where fastboot device shows the device id. The -f downloads and looks to install the system image. The system states it will be reboot in 2 seconds, it reboots and it cant get find the adb server to connect and finish the reboot. I have a tail on the syslog; it looks like it needs to wait several seconds a bit more, when it reboots the voxl device does not register as a usb device until some time later. I traced and went into the shell scripts flash_ build*sh and increased the time to sleep. It still seems to fail after the -f reboot. Is there any other procedure I can use to get this back to a state where I can use the system in the way intended?


  • I switched to a NUC, and I have everything up and running now. Appreciate the patience, I was a bit confused on the voxl platform version; bc I have v2 LTE modem. I found that ATT sim cards are not the best choice for the platform - customer service at ATT couldnt explain why the Sierra Wireless modem was getting rejected from there HLR during registration. I switched to a GoogleFi sim card (data only) and no problem registering. I am planning on taking the drone out of the country, and switching the modem to EMEA with the same sim card, fingers crossed.

    I have openvpn setup on the drone, the corp server, and my laptop establishing 2 vpn clients. Drone has ip; windows laptop has with QGroundcontrol, the Openvpn server has interclient communication ticked, though I am not able to see each device through the vpn and I obviously fly the device. in voxl-vision-px4 configure the qgcip is set to null, the secondary is also set null. In QGcountrol I have the communication links setup to accept

    Any suggestions on getting the devices connected?

  • I have been trying different profiles, etc to trying to get more detail on this issue. I have used the drone profile on windows machines, and I am able to connect and ping; so I dont think its a firewall issue. I am using oepnvpn client 2.4.6; the openvpn server is 2.4.9

    Is anyone else using the 2.4.6 client with success? Before the system bricked, I was successfully connecting and using the drone... I am unsure which penclient version I was using ... I am scratching my head as to why the udp packets are not gettting to the QGroundControl PC box. I did a tcpdump and the drone is sending packets to the QGroundcontrol, but I see no blocks on the firewall, nor do i see any passed packets. I am reaching...

  • In case anyone else has this issue, in my server under Tunnel settings, the Redirect Ipv4 Gateway selected. Dont do that. I am getting the routes pushed to the device, and the the device is communicating with QGroundControl with 6% packet loss.

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    @Chuck-Bokath Sounds like you were able to get a connection going? If not, I was going to suggest adding your ground station's IP to the voxl-vision-px4 config file under the qgc_ip setting.

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