Can I use voxl-streamer to see color video

  • HI, My voxl flight run voxl-streamer and connect with my android phone by rtsp.
    But I can only see black and white video, can I see color video by changing setting?
    And I change camera by voxl-configure-camera, but only tracking camera can show video.
    Is it possible I can use stereo camera to show color video?

  • Dev Team

    @PIRON-PI The standard camera configuration has 3 cameras. There is the hires which is color and HD, the tracking which is for use with VIO and is black and white, and a stereo camera pair for depth mapping. Both stereo cameras are also black and white. voxl-streamer allows you to stream from any of them. If you stream from the hires camera you will get color.

  • @Eric-Katzfey I use voxl-configure-cameras 8 to select hires camera. And then run voxl-camera-server and voxl-streamer -c hires. But I can't receive any signal.
    If I use voxl-configure-cameras 2 to select tracking camera, then I type voxl-camera-server and voxl-streamer -c tracking. my cell phone can receive black and white video.
    Can you tell me which step I make wrong choice?

  • Dev Team

    @PIRON-PI You need to call voxl-configure-cameras with the configuration that matches your hardware, not what you want to see with voxl-streamer. If you have a tracking camera, a pair of stereo cameras, and a hires camera then choose the proper configuration for that (e.g. "3 Hires + Stereo + Tracking").

  • @Eric-Katzfey I can see color video by using voxl-streamer -c hires-logo.
    Thank you.

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