Updating date on VOXL on softap mode

  • Hello,

    As I power on my drone, the date reported from the voxl is Jan 1st, 1970. To update the date, the only way that I am aware of is to switch the voxl to station mode so that it gets an internet connection.
    As I am controlling the drone by running QGC on my laptop, is there any automated way to send the laptop date to the voxl while always maintaining the voxl in softap mode and never switching to station mode?

    Please let me know if you can recommend a way to update the date on the voxl by only using the laptop connected to the drone through the WiFi or by using QGC.

    Thank you very much for your help, and please let me know if you need further information.



  • Dev Team

    @frafrat A quick way to set it to some arbitrary time is with the date command:

    / # date
    Thu Jan  1 00:05:07 UTC 1970
    / # date -s '2014-12-25 12:34:56'
    Thu Dec 25 12:34:56 UTC 2014
    / # date
    Thu Dec 25 12:34:57 UTC 2014

    However this isn't persistent and will revert after a reboot.

  • Dev Team

    @frafrat The voxl uses NTP (https://www.linux.com/topic/networking/keep-accurate-time-linux-ntp/) to get current time over the Internet. So, if you can host an ntp server on your laptop, then the voxl can get the time from it.

  • Thanks a lot! I'll look into that. Thanks again

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