GPS Denied Environment with VIO

  • Hello,

    I have a Flight Deck controlling motors through the ModalAI ESC (v2). The drone is updated with firmware v1.11.3-0.0.5 and has parameters loaded from this repository as follows:

    platforms --> v1.11 --> m500_4s_config

    helpers --> m500 --> collision_prevention, ekf2_indoor_vio, and enable_uart_esc

    I am able to actuate the motors through voxl-px4-shell, but cannot arm the drone because of a GPS error.

    My goal is to get the drone flying indoors with VIO position mode.

    Is there a way to diagnose the GPS error to determine the source of the problem?

    Here's the output from nsh> gps status.

    INFO [gps] Main GPS
    INFO [gps] protocol: UBX
    INFO [gps] status: OK, port: /dev/ttyS0, baudrate: 115200
    INFO [gps] sat info: disabled
    INFO [gps] rate position: 5.00 Hz
    INFO [gps] rate velocity: 5.00 Hz
    INFO [gps] rate publication: 5.00 Hz
    INFO [gps] rate RTCM injection: 0.00 Hz
    timestamp: 37432344 (0.001194 seconds ago)
    time_utc_usec: 0
    lat: 0
    lon: 0
    alt: -17000
    alt_ellipsoid: 0
    s_variance_m_s: 33.4660
    c_variance_rad: 3.1416
    eph: 4294967.5000
    epv: 3750018.5000
    hdop: 99.9900
    vdop: 99.9900
    noise_per_ms: 104
    jamming_indicator: 33
    vel_m_s: 0.0000
    vel_n_m_s: 0.0000
    vel_e_m_s: 0.0000
    vel_d_m_s: 0.0000
    cog_rad: 0.0000
    timestamp_time_relative: 0
    heading: nan
    heading_offset: 0.0000
    fix_type: 0
    vel_ned_valid: False
    satellites_used: 0

    Thanks in advance!


  • Dear @Karl_Wright
    After powering on your drone go to mavlink inspector and check at odometry tab whether X and Y data is non zero. if it's non zero then VIO is working.
    Please refer to this document

    Mohammed Naveed

  • Hi @mohammednaveed, thanks for your response! The VIO is working properly and sends data to the mavlink inspector.

    The main issue I'm having is that the drone won't arm because of a gps error. Other than that, everything else seems to be working correctly. Any advice on troubleshooting the gps error would be greatly appreciated.



  • @Karl_Wright

    You have:
    helpers --> m500 --> collision_prevention, ekf2_indoor_vio, and enable_uart_esc

    Try adding in:

    "Turns off GPS and barometer. Use this is you have no gps/mag attached or have a gps/mag attached and just want them disabled in software. Use this with ekf2_indoor_vio.params
    This is not included with ekf2_indoo_vio.params since you may still want these sensors enabled for logging even when not using in EKF2."

  • Hello @Gordon8,

    Thanks so much for your advice. I reset all the parameters in QGC and reloaded ekf2_indoor_vio and sensors_disable_gps_mag.

    I am unfortunately still running into the same issue as before. Arming is denied because of a generic gps error. I have disabled gps and edited other parameters that are supposed to allow arming without gps.

    Thanks again @Gordon8 for your response, I'm open to trying any other suggestions that you or others may have.


  • After much more time trying to troubleshoot this issue, I am still unable to arm my drone. QGC shows that everything is operating correctly except that there are failures for GPS and Pre-Arm Check. Does anyone else have any suggestions on other procedures I could try? My current software setup is the same that I have described above.


  • Dev Team

    How did you update your firmware? Did you use a ModalAI image or QGC?

    Check out and try starting with the latest on that page.

  • @Chad-Sweet Thanks for your reply.

    I am currently running firmware FCv1 - v1.11.3-0.2.3 from that link. I downloaded the image and then uploaded it through QGC as a custom firmware.



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