Did I just fry my flight core?

  • I inadvertently connected a 19V supply to the Barrel Jack on my Voxl m500 drone. What are the odds I only damaged the power module and not my flight core? Are there any easy ways to check?

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    On older drones where we have a V2 power module with barrel jack access port for the flight controller, the maximum that can sustain is 5.5V (5V +/- 10%).
    It is very likely you exposed several circuits on FlightCore to a condition much worse than absolute maximum and I would expect either outright failure to operate or worse (fusing/smoking). If by chance your hardware still works, it likely has a latent defect that will fail later. In my honest opinion, I would only power it on outside in the event of fusing/smoke, but would tag it and recycle it or use it for a mechanical reference.

    The power module is still likely OK. Most components on that design allow operation above 20V.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks for the response. I ordered a new VOXL-Flight and am currently getting it integrated into the m500 in place of the fried one. I have two more (compound) questions for you:

    1. For the Airframe calibration in QGC, I chose "PX4 Vision DevKit Platform." Should I have chosen one of the S500 options? Could I save myself a bunch of trouble with calibration by just flashing m500 firmware onto my new board?

    2. I can't seem to calibrate the compass through QGC. I've gone through the process several times and although I'm told I've completed the process successfully by the prompts, every time I reboot, the Vehicle Set-Up status in QGC tells me that set-up is still required. I was able to calibrate the gyro and accelerometer. Could this be the result of a damaged Pixhawk4 GPS module? I haven't replaced that part yet, would that have been damaged by the 19V supply? The "GPS fix" light is blinking blue but the larger LED hasn't lit up since I hooked up the fresh VOXL-Flight.

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    @jskard Would it be possible for you to please open up new forum posts for these new questions so that they can be better tracked? Thanks!

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