Autonomous Inspection Demo with Voxl m500

  • I just want to start by sending a big thanks to the modalai dev team for your great support over the last year. Special thanks to @Alex-Gardner who went above and beyond.

    I spent most of the last year putting a system together with your voxl m500 drone to perform autonomous visual inspections, fully onboard with no offboard processes. I just wanted to share the final result with you all. Please let me know if there is a blog or anywhere else where you may like this posted 🙂

    A few details...the snapdragon is performing the flight control and has the information pipeline (all through the great modal pipe architecture). The snapdragon sends an rtsp stream from the hires camera to a Jetson NX, mounted to the bottom of the drone. The jetson is running inference on the video stream from the snapdragon, and sends detection information back. This is then used to alter the path of the drone and snap a hires photo.

    Thanks again to the ModalAI dev team!

  • Dev Team

    Great to hear! Congratulations on the successful project!

  • Dev Team

    @PawelJ Thanks for sharing! Great work!

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