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    While trying to get the telemetry information on our Taranis Q X7 I set the TEL_FRSKY_CONFIG to TELEM2. Due to this, I cannot form a connection between the QGgroundControl and the drone.

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    Our documentation explains how to use FrSky telemetry with Flight Core https://docs.modalai.com/flight-core-radios/#frsky

  • Thanks for this. Unfortunately, I managed to set TEL_FRSKY_CONFIG to TELEM2 in QGroundControl and cannot form a connection between the drone and QGC anymore. Is this due to setting that parameter? How this can be fixed?

  • I managed to solve this by connecting QGC through USB.

  • Our Seeker was ordered with the FrSky receiver and our transmitter is FrSky Taranis QX7 ACCST. The only telemetry we see at the moment is the receiver voltage. The telemetry works as expected over wifi between the drone and QGC.

    On the receiver GND, +5V and SBUS_OUT/CPPM are connected. We can confirm that the mode is SBUS (the blued led is solid on the receiver).

    How can we get the telemetry to our transmitter? Do we have to connect some extra cables, update the firmware or something else?

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    Hi @tomipi ,

    To confirm, this is what you have correct?

    Are you able to get the RC "input" into the system with this setup, and what you aren't getting is telemetry back? This setup below interfaces with an RC Input driver, so I don't think it will be passing telemetry back out... Will check with the guys on what they use here.


  • Hi,

    Yes I believe that is correct, everything is factory installed.

    Are you able to get the RC "input" into the system with this setup, and what you aren't getting is telemetry back?

    Yes, everything else except the telemetry from the drone to the transmitter is working.

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    Hi @tomipi ,

    OK I see. This 'RC input' connector, with SBUS "IN", is SBUS version 1.... e.g. it's an input only into the PX4 FW, meaning there's no bi-directional comms supporting telemetry with this configuration.

    I'll ask around to see if we have gotten telemetry data out of the system, but it would require the use of a UART port and some extra cable to route that traffic off PX4 into the FrSky module, not the same SBUS RX line likely.

    You are able to get telemetry over WiFi because we have a MAVLink instance running, connecting to VOXL, and shoveling data to/from over UDP.

  • Hi @modaltb,

    Actually, for the connector J12 only pin 3 (SBus RX) is connected to the SBUS_OUT of the receiver as shown in the picture below. There is no GND connection.


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    The 5VDC and GND are pulled off of here.

    That said, you see there's a single RX line from receiver into RC input, this is how we are getting the RC channels, but there's nothing coming out of the system as far as telemetry.

    So basically with this setup, I don't expect telemetry coming out over RC, only control going into it.

  • We managed to solve this by connecting S.Port on R-XSR to J5 UART_4W_TX_3V3 and enabling FRSky (TELEM1) on QGC.



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    Outstanding! Thank you for following up

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