Screw size for IMX377/M0026

  • I made a custom piece in solidworks for the M0026 HiRes camera and 3D printed the part and it requires longer screws. I have looked at the data sheets and cant seem to find the exact screw they use. The screws fits in nicely to a 1.3mm hole in PLA, wondering if you guys knew the exact screw needed?

  • Dev Team

    Hi Ryan,
    Apologies for the long response time. I'll do my best to help you.
    Our IMX377 camera module housing has those two side mounting holes on the drawing that indicates a diameter of 1.80mm. So as long as you are smaller than that with sufficient retention you should be good to go. The outer "ear" of that hole shows it is a 4.2mm diameter, so you do not want your screw head larger than that.
    Hope that helps.

  • @Vinny no worries, I ended up just going to industrial hardware in SD and trying out a bunch of machine screws until I got one that fit nicely, cant recall the exact size. Here are the dimensions for mounting the M0026 in a part I made. Figured I would post it if it helps someone else out since I personally couldn't find a STEP file for this part. Dimensions are in mm, the camera is ~24.1mm from base to the tip of the lens from my caliper measurements.


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