Restoring Catkin Workspace

  • Hi Modal AI team,

    I recently flashed the system image successfully and reload the docker image from /data I saved with:

    docker save kinetic | gzip > /data/roskinetic-xenial_v1_0.tgz

    I knew that flashing wipes the file system but didn't know the file system in docker also goes away.

    Is my Catkin ws stored somewhere else ?

    if not, it is going to be a important tragic lesson for me to backup my code and ws.

    Would the voxl-backup command save the catkin_ws?

    Thank you,

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Voxlady ,

    In the beginning of the flashing process, the 'installation wizard' prompts you with the following:

    This process will completely wipe your VOXL
    Would you like to preserve the /data/ parition which contains
    things like calibration, wifi config, and docker images?
    To preserve files in /data/ answer Y
    To wipe /data/ for a full factory flash answer N
    Enter Y or N: [choose]

    Sorry about your data loss!

  • Hi @modaltb ,

    Thank you for your message. I did actually choose "Yes" but it didn't store the ROS folders and files. It stored the Python packages I installed and the docker images.

    So, I would like to confirm if the voxl-backup command will save the folders in data.

    However, it is okay. I took me some time to recover but now all good.

    thank you again

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