IMX678 Camera - Server SegFaults?

  • I have a VOXL2 board running system image 1.4.1 and has voxl-camera-server version 1.3.5. I have the M0062 IMX678 (or is it IMX412?) camera ( This is the only camera I have at the moment. I also have M0076 Interposer. I have connected the camera to the interposer with the included J2-J1 extension cable, and then connected that to J7 on the VOXL2.

    Whenever I start the voxl-camera-server, it crashes with a segmentation fault (saying "address not mapped"). My voxl-camera-server.conf file only has one camera in it, with type set to "imx214" and id set to 0 (also tried 1-8). I see a green light momentarily turn on when I restart the server, but that's it. From reading through the docs, I'm thinking I may need to update the camera server to 1.4.1? Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to update whatever it is that needs to be updated so I can use the camera modalai sold me?

  • Dev Team

    Hi @aharvey , please see an email coming your way, thanks!

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