self-made prop guard makes vibration

  • Since we were recently testing obstacle avoidance, we decided to add a prop guard for safety reasons. However, the prop guard looks good visually and also under payload limit, but it still cause vibrations to the seeker during flight.

    seeker with prop guard:

    flight video:

    So my question is :

    1. Is there any chance to improve the vibration? Is there any chance that QGC calibration might solve this problem?
    2. Does ModalAI have plans to launch a set of prop guard for Seeker? Since Seeker is an indoor focused drone, a prop guard would be a nice add-on.

    I'm so sorry to ask a big question with less information. But I still looking forward some advice by any chance. Really appreciate.

  • Dev Team

    Since you changed the airframe, it looks like you just need to perform some PID tuning, please see the PX4 reference here

  • Is the prop guard 3D printed? I wonder which market-available prop guard can work on m500.

  • I think since m500 use s500 airframe so the prop guard for s500 should be work, just double check the guard is bigger than prop.

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