voxl-cam-ros stereo to PCL or depth image

  • Hi,
    is there an example on how to get a point cloud or a depth image from the calibrated stereo camera? It should be simple but I couldn't find an example and my attempts so far failed: I simply tried to run the voxl-cam-ros node and pipe it into a stereo_image_proc node on my host machine (wifi). This results in inconsistent behavior, as the rate is very slow and the node complains that /image and /camera_info topics not being synchronized. Also, if the PCL appears in rviz, it looks completely wrong, it has nothing to do with the images. So I guess it won't work "out of the box" this way. I didn't look into it further, maybe someone already did this?


  • Dev Team

    Hi @rapit ,

    We don't have a VOXL version going yet, but this should be close: https://github.com/ATLFlight/dfs-ros-example

  • That node works like a charm, thank you so much!

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