5G Add-on board - Accessing the Quectel module Linux Shell

  • I have a 5G Add on board (MSA-M0090-3-01-01) with a Quectel M.2 (RM502Q-AE) module connected to the VOXL 2 board. I can access the VOXL Linux shell with ADB to the VOXL2 USB-C connector. Is there a way to connect to the Linux LE shell on the RM502Q-AE module?
    @Vinny - any suggestions?

  • Dev Team

    Not that we know about, sorry about that.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Mark-Lee ,
    Chad is correct in that we have not tried it, but my idea is that if you wanted to access the Linux shell on the modem card, you would need a modem development platform from Quectel.
    Here is an example I found online (please do your research to ensure this will work for you, but I do see they mention serial port access):

    In our architectures, we do have a mechanism to talk to the serial port over software using one of the QUPs, but there has been no need to do so, and would be a costly SW expense to develop it.
    If you are willing to void your warranty (not recommended), I can show you which resistors have it and you could try to solder on to them, but you are better off with the Dev Kit IMHO.

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