How to get the VOXL-Logger files to my computer?

  • I am debugging the VIO. With voxl-logger --preset_odometry.
    I see that the files are being saved in /data/voxl-logger/, but I want to download the files to my computer to analyze them in plotjuggler.

    1. How can I move the log files to my SD card in the VOXL via terminal (I have no idea, and all the linux commands I also do not know)?
    2. How can I get the logger to save the logs directly to the SD card? I know I can do voxl-logger and then -d, but I also dont know the directory of the SD card.

  • Dev Team

    @Sem-Andeweg I don't have a VOXL w/ SD card with me at the moment but I believe the SDCard directory lives at /mnt/sdcard

  • Dev Team

    Use the command adb pull to pull files from VOXL.

    To pull /data/voxl-logger to your computer,

    adb pull "/data/voxl-logger"

    should work

  • @tom thank you! I can now see it, from now I will do:
    voxl-logger --preset_odometry -d /mnt/sdcard

    @Chad-Sweet thank you, its now downloading the logs, it works perfectly. But I think the logs are very large, so its a little slow.

  • Also note that usb file transfers are much faster dealing with a single large file than hundreds of smaller ones, and the logging of camera images through voxl-logger currently saves each image in it's own file, so it's usually much faster to tar/zip a log folder and then pull the tarball.

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