Missing CADs & dimensions for cables

  • Dear,
    We are missing some dimensions from the cables to add them into our 3D model of a drone:

    https://docs.modalai.com/m0008/#3d-step-file and https://docs.modalai.com/m0008/#2d-diagram redirecting to the same web page and no 2D images of the dimensions.

    https://docs.modalai.com/m0010/#3d-step-file and https://docs.modalai.com/m0010/#2d-diagram redirecting to the same web page with 2D images but no dimensions.

    https://docs.modalai.com/m0036/#2d-diagram with 3D cad, but 2D images missing "heights", "accepted" as there is 3D model.

    https://docs.modalai.com/m0074/#3d-step-file without 3D CAD, but redirecting to the same web page with 2D images but no dimensions. What's the real lenght? it was 15cm for the 14.5cm extension cable. Is 6.5cm for the 6cm extension cable? (notice the oposite in lenghts and "product name")

    https://docs.modalai.com/m0076/#3d-step-file redirecting to the same web page with 2D images but no full dimensions, heigh of the board?

    https://docs.modalai.com/m0084/#2d-diagram with 2D images but no dimensions, "accepted" as there is 3D model.

    MFPC-M0040 extension cable for ToF sensor missing datasheet?


  • Dev Team

    @Eloi Hi, we are trying to keep everything updated, current, and consistent, hence we have placeholders for 2D and 3D even if we may not have that ready (we try to use the same template for every page)
    For the cable assemblies (not flexes) we will not have 3D drawings of them.
    However, if you can let us know if any 2D drawings are most critical to you at the moment, we can prioritize getting some more info posted for you.
    For the flexes, we have a mix of 2D (older products) and 3D for newer products, so hopefully that can get you what you need.
    As for the discrepancy in 15cm vs 14.5cm, it depends on how you view it and we apologize for the inconsistency (we have several folks contribute to our website daily, so it's likely we just have differences of reference points).
    On some dimensions, we provide the end-to-end length, and on some we provide the center-to-center (relative to the connector) as the length since that represents that actual extension. For example the 150mm extension, that is the end to end length, but it only represents a 145mm extension due to connector center-center spacing. We'll try to improve on this consistency and make sure all the data is there so you are not left guessing anything.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Eloi , I just went in and made some updates for you specifically on M0008 and M0010, so I hope that helps.
    I also went and changed the titles of M0036 to reflect the end-to-end length to match product descriptions.
    Let me know how else we can help!

  • Dev Team

    @Eloi I forgot to include this: https://docs.modalai.com/voxl-tof-sensor-datasheet/
    It's kept under a different section as a direct image sensor product... sorry for the confusion.

  • Dear @Vinny!
    Many many thanks for the update!
    We thought this list could help you organize the info provided as we found those inconsistencies! Awesome rework!

    There is only 3 missing CADs so we have everything we need:


  • Dev Team

    Hi @Eloi
    I just updated M0084 and M0040 with more info. Please give the website a few minutes to update.
    For M0076, it's a bit tricky since we have the origin off-center (it was centered at one point, then we changed the outline, etc... natural flow of PCB design to make changes as we went).
    In any event, here is a snapshot of the J1 connector center measured relative to the lower left board corner:
    and another view relative to the lower-right corner... hope these help!

    We'll try to get better dimensions posted eventually on this, but hopefully this covers you for now.

  • Many Many thanks @Vinny !
    So useful! now we can have everything in CAD!

    For me, this post can be "closed"!

  • Dev Team

    @Eloi Great, please feel free to start a new forum post should you need any further help!
    Thanks and have a great week!

  • I'll continue this post, as is related to dimensions:
    From https://docs.modalai.com/m0010/#2d-diagram it says on top: "100mm edge-to-edge for an 80mm baseline, ~20mm “T” height", but the sensor to sensor distance is roughly 85mm between the stereo cameras following the dimensions of the drawing, notice the cameras are on the middle of the "short cut":
    See below the real distance following the dimensions:
    In the CAD from the Seeker it's 80mm, just like the description of the cable (a the bottom of the image says 80mm):

    Which should be the correct distance between stereo sensors?
    If it's 80mm we can bend a bit the "T shape cable" to get the cameras to 80mm without much problem.


  • So, 80mm or ~85.57mm?C
    Can this be changed via software? Where?

  • Dev Team

    The stereo extrinsic parameters should be resolved through the stereo calibration process

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