docker on voxl flight deck stop working

  • Hi,

    Docker suddenly stops working on my voxl flight deck. The docker daemon won't start.

    Here is the error message

    voxl:/$ systemctl status docker-daemon -l
    Oct 09 03:45:44 apq8096 docker[4238]: time="2022-10-09T03:45:44.540007000Z" level=warning msg="Could not delete local endpoint clever_babbage during endpoint cleanup: endpoint with name clever_babbage id c039c8337246d161b9242a1a51e1c700b934fd54b4de97e1b2f286b2ae8782d7 has active containers"
    Oct 09 03:45:44 apq8096 docker[4238]: time="2022-10-09T03:45:44.548364000Z" level=fatal msg="Error starting daemon: Error initializing network controller: could not delete the default bridge network: network bridge has active endpoints"
    Oct 09 03:45:44 apq8096 systemd[1]: docker-daemon.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE

    I googled this error. Many people suggested that rm -r /var/lib/docker/network should fix it. But it didn't work. Everytime I tried to start the docker daemon, a new socket file was created under /var/lib/docker/network/files



  • If I want to reset docker to the initial state. What should I do?

    rm -r /data/containers
    rm -r /data/overlays
    rm -r /var/lib/docker

    do it?


  • after mkdir /data/docker and /usr/bin/docker daemon -g /data/docker, I saw there is file /data/docker/network/files/local-kv.db. So I just rm /data/network/files/local-kv.db. Now the docker daemon will start.

    But anyway I think it is better make change in /etc/systemd/system/docker-daemon.service, from

    ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker daemon -g /data


    ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker daemon -g /data/docker

    So next time if we want to remove all docker images and clean up the docker, just remove everything under /data/docker.

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