New Sentinel came with a broken stereo camera?

  • Hi,

    I picked up an order of 2 brand new Sentinel drones yesterday. One of them is having camera issues. The camera server crashes after configuration. The configuration does not show any error messages.
    To see what camera was having the issue I did voxl-camera-server. This way I can see what cameras are working. The output shows the Hires, Tracking and Front stereo camera. But no rear stereo. Is it possible that the MIPI cable came loose or is just not plugged in? I can bring it back to you guys if you want to have a look. Let me know what I should do.


  • Dev Team

    @rohitpillai It is possible that the mipi connection got unplugged. It would be faster to drop off the Sentinel so that we can look at it

  • Cool I will bring it in today

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