How to re-calibrate PID and sensors of QRB5 as the shipped condition?

  • Hi Dev Team,

    I have bought QRB5 recently and flew it twice, but the drone seems unstable. Especially for throttle, it changes suddenly high and low even I move the throttle very small movement.
    Now, I would like to re-calibrate the PID and sensors of the drone via QGC to make it stabilize. Could you please guide me on how to do it?
    I read a PID tuning procedure for PX4, but it requires to "arm, take off, and hover" before tuning PID (i.e., step 1). Can I do PID tuning without take-off because I feel the drone is very unstable to take off even around 2-3 m high?

    Thank you.

  • Dev Team

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble. The drones are all flight tested prior to shipping, so I wonder if something happened mechanically?

    Specifically, can you check the red gummies that hold the top "deck" in place? Any chance one of those popped out? It could cause the condition you're experiencing.

  • I check the 4 red gummies are intact.

    But I mistakenly did some calibration on sensors (Compass, Accelerometer, and Level Horizon), and switched to AutoTune in PID tuning via QGC. I guess these steps changed the shipping conditions of the drone.
    How can I obtain the original conditions and load into the drone again?
    Thank you.

  • Dev Team

    Good morning, We can prepare a px4 parameter file for you that will reset the tune. First could you send us a px4 parameter file from your drone? You can send it directly to my email (

    I'll take a look to make sure I send you everything you'll need.


  • @Jeremy-Schmidt Could you please check the email I sent PX4 parameters? Thank you.

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