Latest PX4 version for VOXLCAM

  • Hello,
    I am running VOXLCAM system image 3.8.0 with Px4 firmware version 1.11.3-0.2.3 as mentioned over here. This version seems to be pretty outdated. I am in need of auto tune feature for my Quadcopter which isn't available with this version. Here are my queries.

    • Can someone please link me to latest document or modalai px4 firmware version supported by VOXLCAM?

    • I am facing issue on PX4 "CAUTION : Avoinics power low 4.7 volts" with 1.11.3-0.2.3 firmware version. I am using Modalai power module which should anyways provide regulated 5V to Flightcore but still this issue is coming up during takeoff. Any solution for this?

  • Dev Team

    You can find details of Flight Core firmware here: You can try the latest, but there may be a little tuning needed, etc

    You can ignore that avionics power low message assuming everything else is fine. There should be more filtering on that reading and our system is measuring quickly and precisely. We should probably add filtering in the voxlpm PX4 module

  • Hi @Chad-Sweet Thank you for quick reponse. Is the latest Modalai px4 firmware version v1.13? I am going to try the same.

    Also what's the difference between modalai_fc-v1 and modalai_fc-v2? Is it related to VOXL1 and VOXL2?

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Aks ,

    We are shipping 1.11.3 on our flight core at this point (info in link above from chad).

    FCv2 is an STM32H7 based design that we have some early engineering units at this point (as opposed to FCv1 which we are shipping currently which is STM32F7) and not related to voxl1/voxl2.


  • Hello @modaltb
    Thanks for the response.
    I can see tags on modalai px4-firmware repo for 1.13 so I was asking. By any chance can I test latest tag v1.13 from modalai px4-firmware repo?
    If no what's the time by which v1.13 would be officially supported on VOXLCAM?
    The feature I am looking for is Autotune vehicle which isn't supported on V1.11.

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