Auto-Exposure Issue with Tracking Camera

  • Hello, I am experiencing an auto-exposure issue with the tracking camera. The camera constantly flashes between bright and dim frames when it is exposed to sunlight. I recently flashed the drone with the VOXL 3.6.0 system image, but the problem still persists. Additionally, I tried sending the drone a manual gain and exposure, but the flashing continued after voxl-streamer was restarted.

  • Dev Team

    Hi Michael,

    We're aware of the flickering issue and have fixed it on our dev branch which we're planning to do a full release of in the coming weeks.

    As for the failure to set manual exposure/gain, how are you sending these instructions?

  • Hi Alex,

    We were using:

    voxl-send-command tracking set_exp_gain <exposure> <gain>

    However, it seems that we were not setting the auto exposure mode to "off" before sending the commands.

  • @Alex-Gardner
    I'm looking forward to the fix as well.
    Which version will it be released on? Is fix applied to voxl-camera-server or voxl-qvio-server?

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