generate a map using pointclouds

  • Hi,I could get pointcloud in rviz using voxl_mpa_to_rosHow can I generate a map using pointcloud that I get from tof_ir?
    Thank you

  • Hello,

    The voxl-mapper project can generate a map from tof based pointclouds, and does not require ROS/RVIZ. You can find the source for it here or install it directly with opkg install voxl-mapper. Note that the project as a whole is still in beta, the mapping component is very stable but the autonomous flying (and safety checks) are very much under active development. We encourage you to play with both, but to be very vigilant if conducting autonomous flights.

  • I was just trying voxl-mapper out I got the following error, can you please help

    ERROR fetching tf from tf ringbuffer
    there wasn't sufficient data in the buffer

  • @keil,

    Errors referencing the tf ringbuffer in voxl-mapper typically mean there is an issue getting position data back from the voxl-vision-px4 service. Please read through the user guide before getting started, as you will need a few other services active in order to use voxl-mapper without errors.

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