Using Motion Capture Systems (Optitrack) for Position Estimation

  • Hello,

    I have a VOXL m500, and I am planning to replace the Vision Pose data by the Motion Capture Pose Data as the pose feedback.

    Therefore, I have used a ros package which is called "vrpn_client_ros" to receive the streaming data from the OptiTrack, and there is another ros package called "mavros_extras" to transfer the rostopic to the MAVLINK data and then send those data to the PX4 EKF2 estimator.

    However, the estimation of the position will diverge after around 50 seconds. I put some relevant plots in here and hopefully it can provide some hints.

    Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


  • Dev Team

    We have not tried this, PX4 has a writeup though on tuning EKF for this

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