"[ERROR] test sig failed to save" when installing system on RB5

  • I'm trying to re-install the system on a RB5.
    The system image I want to install is 1.0.5-M0052-9.1-perf-c, and the current system is 1.0.3-M0052-9.1-perf.

    I get the following error messages when running flash-full .sh(1.0.5-M0052-9.1-perf-c):
    [INFO] version: 0.0
    [INFO] adb installed
    [INFO] fastboot installed
    [INFO] qti-ubuntu-robotics-image-qrb5165-rb5-boot.img present
    [INFO] abl.elf present
    [INFO] qti-ubuntu-robotics-image-qrb5165-rb5-sysfs.ext4 present
    [INFO] Saving camera calibration files
    adb: error: remote object '/data/modalai' does not exist
    [INFO] Saving test sig
    /usr/lib/rfsa/adsp/: 9 files pulled. 6.1 MB/s (4505752 bytes in 0.710s)
    [ERROR] test sig failed to save

    It seems like the script is trying to backup some files, but the files aren't there.
    What should I do to install the system image 1.0.5 properly?

  • Dev Team

    @andyh What is the serial number of your RB5. It should be on a sticker with a barcode in the form M2100000***

    It seems as though your system is missing both the camera calibration files as well as the testsig which is required for PX4 to run properly.

    I can check to see if we have your RB5's files backed up in our system.

  • @tom it's M2100000CU4

  • Dev Team

    @andyh Okay great, we do have your files in our database. I will send you your files via. an email to your account registered here in the next few minutes.

    Here are a list of the files I will send you:

    • testsig-0xbb02a75f.so
    • opencv_stereo_extrinsics.yml
    • opencv_stereo_intrinsics.yml
    • opencv_stereo_rear_extrinsics.yml
    • opencv_stereo_rear_intrinsics.yml
    • opencv_tracking_intrinsics.yml

    The steps you will do to fix your issue are as follows:

    • Download all of the above files
    • Create the /data/modalai directory on your RB5 with adb shell mkdir -p /data/modalai
    • In your terminal, navigate to the directory where you saved the above files
    • Push the camera calibration files to your RB5 with adb push *.yml /data/modalai/.
    • Push the testsig file to your RB5 with adb push testsig*.so /usr/lib/rfsa/adsp/.

    After doing this the flashing script should be happy.

    It seems as though those files were somehow lost, possibly due to a re-flash with an older version of our script (newer versions such as the one in 1.0.5-M0052-9.1-perf-c save these files during the flashing process)

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