VOXL Flight J7 Port Questions

  • Hi!

    For our system we need to use two GPS's. One of them is connected to the J1012 connector on the VOXL-Flight. The other we want to connect to the J7 port. However, I am not too sure if the Pins match on the H-RTK GPS Lite and the pins on the J7 connector. I have posted two images that will help. One is of the H-RTK GPS Lite, and the other is the pin out for the VOXL Flight's J7 port.

    Looking at the pins for each item, it is not straightforward to know whether we can just plug and play the H-RTK GPS into the J7 port or not. Or do we have to rearrange some of the pins on the H-RTK? A diagram with what GPS pin goes where on the J7 would help greatly!



  • Dev Team

    You will need to make sure the pins line up and the voltages are correct on what you are trying to plug into that port. Just FYI, the J7 port is connected to the Snapdragon, so that data will not go to the Flight Core without writing some code.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    I am confused on what Pin 7-10 are on the VOXL Flight. Looking at the H-RTK where would the SAFETY_SWITCH, SAFETY_SWITCH_LED, VDD_3v3 and BUZZER connect to on the J7 port?

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