VIFLY Finder V2 connection on VOXL

  • Hi!

    We recently bought the VIFLY Finder V2 to help find drones in the event of a crash. However we are struggling to figure out how to connect it to the VOXL instead of connecting it to the receiver. Any ideas on this?



  • Dev Team

    This looks like PWM interface. Are you using "VOXL" or "VOXL-Flight"? VOXL Flight has PWM outputs, normally 4 are used for the ESCs, but the system can use the 'aux RC passthrough' as a means to trigger this signal. Does the buzzer normally get triggered by the user or automatically via some logic?

  • We have the VOXL-Flight. The buzzer can be triggered automatically when the battery disconnects and by the user through the controller.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @rohitpillai ,

    Sorry I had this queued to send but didn't send it!

    If it's VOXL-Flight, you have PWM outputs you might be able to use if you have a quad setup.

    See this as a possible option, where you can setup an RC channel (via the controller) to trigger the channel and possibly activate the buzzer (assuming it has a PWM interface).

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