Indoor path navigation

  • I work on building high-rises and we use StructionSite Video Walks with an Insta360 One X2 to track construction progress. We typically walk one floor at a time and into as many as a dozen condo units with on average 5 rooms each. How easy would it be to program a path and have a ModalAI drone do this for me? I'm envisioning we could have a dock every few floors or so and completely automate this process.

  • One of the Modal team can probably chime in on this... but I'll throw out a few thoughts.

    It would definitely be feasible with the Seeker drone, but would require some programming knowhow to leverage the mapping software Modal has out of the box. You could walk the drone around the space manually once to build the first map and then from there on have a path with waypoints around the space for it to fly the Insta360 around to capture updates of construction. Alternatively you could use one of the VOXL cameras to capture.

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